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Please Vote for Veronique ONCE a Day, EVERY day @ GimmeTheGig.com

Dear 'Fiends' ? Fan(g)s!

Please pardon my latest bombardment of verbiage in your direction, but my new animated video "Internet Date" has been accepted in Ford's "Gimme The Gig" contest- Grand Prize is a recording session with Monsieur Don Was.

The list of artists Don is credited with producing includes: Bob Seger, Glenn Frey, Iggy Pop, Khaled, The B-52's, Barenaked Ladies and several albums for Bonnie Raitt. A grrl could do a lot worse than win a chance to record with him, non?

I have mixed feelings about being in a contest sponsored by a large corporation, but, hey, they're people too, right? Please vote "V" for VICTORY for Veronique, who is Very Unique.

I am but a solo artiste, with no band mates to help moi promote, so I truly depend upon the kindness of others- VOUS!!! If vous appreciate my work, and would like to assist in a tangible way, to ensure that I can continue to create for vous, please vote in this contest!

1) Go to: http://GimmeTheGig.com/
2) Scroll down to: Video Gallery
3) Click on the letter "V"
4) Choose "Internet Date"
5) Click "LIKE"
6) Vote once every 24 hours - EVERY day
7) Invite everyone vous know to vote ONCE a day, every DAY (24 hour period).

Artistes with the most popular votes will perform at regional events, ? the ones with the best audience response at the regionals, will advance to the final performance round to win the recording session.

But even if I am not chosen, the exposure from being in the contest is worth more than its weight in PR. So please vote:

Your votes = FREE publicity for my music = WIN for everyone!

Merci beaucoup! Vous are awesome!