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Steampunk, Veronique Chevalier

* Veronique Booked for The Intl. Steampunk City, May 6-8, in Waltham, Mass.


Veronique jubilantly reports that she has been booked to perform at The International Steampunk City:

*Dates & Times: 06 May at 10:00 - 08 May at 20:00
*Location: Throughout all of Waltham, Massachusetts

* * CONTACT: jeffmach@wickedfaire.com

Please send an email to thank Monsieur Jeff now!

Never before in the history of the Steampunk movement has an ENTIRE TOWN opened its gates to you, the Steampunk community.

Moreover, this event features over a thousand hours of events, activities, shows, entertainments, interactions, exhibits, games, and other fun--much of it wholly free! And there's more, for this event benefits a good cause--the nonprofit Charles River Museum.

What's going on here?

Allow us to introduce to you (if you're not fortunate enough to live there, or to already know of it) the lovely, friendly, and historic town of Waltham, MA, one of the birthplaces of the Industrial Revolution. Waltham is, in turn, home to the Charles River Museum of Industry, one of only two museums in the world (and the only one in the United States) to have put on a Steampunk exhibit.

This past March, the Charles River overflowed its banks and flooded the Museum--doing an enormous amount of damage. Rather than give in to the flood and close up, the Museum decided to fight back...with a grand celebration! It has teamed up with Jeff Mach (co-founder of the Steampunk World's Fair, creator of the Wicked Faire, The Steampunk Anachronism NYC, and others) - to build a fundraising saga of Teslaic proportions. They, in turn, have teamed up with the Town of Waltham to bring you a completely unprecedented Steampunk experience.

Never before has an event allowed you to enjoy Steampunk (and related) fun on this grand a scale! Whether you chose to purchase tickets for the Museum and various special events, or simply wander through the town, enjoying the many free or suggested-donation events--you are sure to have a unique and incredible time!

Meet like-minded souls! Take in Steampunk film at the cinema, dine with other Steampunks in their many restaurants, see the world-famous Steampunk exhibit, enjoy art from international artists! And that is merely the veriest tip of the iceburg!

Follow this space, and our upcoming websites, for frequent updates of details, new delectations, and new adventures. And spread the word! Spread the word! We invite you! We need you! And we will show you the time of your lives! Come out! Come out! Come out!


(Would you like to participate? While the website will have assorted contact information shortly.http://internationalsteampunkcity.com, you can temporarily contact jeffmach@wickedfaire.com for vending, sponsorship, performing, exhibiting, volunteering, and other information.)