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2011 Steamy Accordion Babes Calendars + included CD's on sale NOW!

Bonjour chere Fan(g)s & 'Fiends!'

Due to a snafu, Veronique's stock of 2011 Accordion Babes calendars only arrived recently. For vous not familiar, lovely Renee de la Prade, an accordionist based in the Bay Area, as well as a babe in her own right, produces this beautiful project annually.

This is the third year she's done so, and the second year that MADemoiselle Veronique Chevalier has been a proud sponsor & supporter of the project. For two years now, a tiny likeness "Hell-ga The Devil's Beer Maid" Official Spooks-model for "Polka Haunt Us: A Spook-tacular Compilation" has occupied spots from August through November on the calendars!

Available NOW, unopened, undespoiled copies of said calendar & recording for sale for the low price of only $15 + $3 postage. That's ONLY $18 for a year's worth of gorgeous pin ups, and a full-length CD, neither of which will ever grow stale! (Email me privately to order your copy TODAY)

The current offering includes arousing depictions of the following lady accordionists (and their loveliest assests ;-), as well as a rousing recording containing a song from each of their music projects:

Eyerish Heather Collins, Portland, OR
Musical Project: Eyerish

Amber Lee Baker, Santa Rosa, CA, USA
Musical Project: Amber Lee and the Anomalies

Marla Fibish, San Francisco/Oakland
Musical Project: Three Mile Stone

Luz Gaxiola, San Francisco, CA
Performs with: Circus Finelli

Renée de la Prade, San Francisco, CA
Musical Projects: Culann's Hounds, Whiskey and Women

Joan Wilson Rueter, Alameda, CA
Musical Projects: The Barbary Ghosts, Whiskey and Women

Maggie "Mags" Martin, Petaluma, CA
Musical Project: The Mad Maggies

Jetty, Paris, France and San Francisco CA
Musical Project: Yeti

Tara Linda, Oakland, CA & San Antonio, TX
Self-named musical project

Emchy, Oakland, CA
Musical Projects: Rhubarb Whiskey, Vagabondage & more!

Skyler Fell & Ariel McGurty, San Francisco CA
Musical Projects:Tumbleweed Time Machine & The Hobo Gobbelins
NOTE: Skyler is also proprietress of "Accordion Apocolypse Repairs"

Mrs. Hobbs, Los Angeles, CA
Musical Projects: Mrs. Hobbs, & Kitchen Soup

Cover Babe
Roxanne Oliva, Sonoma County, CA
Musical Project: Sweet Penny Royals

* * * ORDER your copy today! Don't let another day slip away without adding these Goddesses Of Squeeze to your world! Please show moi that vous think that I chose well by sponsoring this beautiful project, and to ensure that I can continue to help the Babes do what they do best! :-)

Polka Haunt Us Is A Proud Sponsor Of Accordion Babes!

Here is the Accordion Babes Sponsor Page: