Steampunk, Veronique Chevalier

Veronique's "The Dance Master" featured on Playlist ending July 3, 2011

Sepiachord Playlist for the Week Ending July 3rd~

Veronique Chevalier: The Dance Master
This Way to the Egress: Swashbuckler
Amoree Lovell: Boobs
Unextraordinary Gentlemen: Open Arms, Empty Air (2011 Version)
Vagabondage: Second Heart
Ginger Ibex: Binnoire
ZAZ: Ni Oui Ni Non
Evelyn Evelyn: Elephant Elephant
Unwoman: The Keys
Louvin Brothers: The Great Atomic Power
Adieu Elizabeth: Old Lady
Movits!: Na Na Nah!
Di Nigunim: I'cha dodi
Culann's Hounds: The Land of Lost Things
The Dad Horse Experience: Kelle Gospel One Man Band
Grey DeLisle: Bohemian Rhapsody
Against Me!: Miami
Curtis Eller's American Circus: Firing Squad
The Kinks: Animal Farm
Sad Bastard Book Club: We Build Ghost Towns from the Ground Up
Bad Livers: Pretty Daughter
Camper Van Beethoven: Porpoise Mouth
Black Velvet Flag: Wasted
Bauhaus: Who Killed Mr Moonlight
Paul Mercer: Judgment
Erin Jordan & the Whiskey Romance: Jane
Steampunk, Veronique Chevalier

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Founded: {For the purpose of Intellectual and Cultural pursuits, cira 1837}

Steampunk is a rich genre of art, costuming, and literature set in a world where steam power is still commonly used. It is a setting frequently shaped by other alternate history elements, as well as a strong DIY attitude.

Overview :
Steampunk is a retro-futuristic genre of art and literature set in a world where steam power is still commonly used, a world frequently shaped by other alternate history elements, such as highly-functional dirigibles being used in place of airplanes, or analog computers being developed as early as the 19th century, or different outcomes to actual historical events.

Steampunk tends to bear the cultural trappings of the Victorian and Edwardian eras, and is often characterized by the desire to make fashion and the objects that surround us more unique, more artfully designed, which results in a Do-It-Yourself attitude and creations. The "-punk" suffix in Steampunk tends to lead its devoted enthusiasts to a greater deviation from traditional Victorian and Edwardian social mores than the Neo-Victorian sub genre of retro-futurism (although they are frequently mistaken for each other).

Steampunk is a retro-futuristic genre of art and literature set in a world where steam power is still commonly used, a world frequently shaped by other alternate history elements, such as highly-functional dirigibles being used in place of airplanes, or analog computers being developed as early as the 19th century, or different outcomes to actual historical events. Steampunk tends to bear the cultural trappings of the Victorian and Edwardian eras, and is often characterized by the desire to

To create. To appreciate. To learn.

Websites Of Interest:
Steampunk, Veronique Chevalier

MAD Veronique "Steampunk Culture" Interview on KNSD "Sound Diego" Blog

Bonjour chere 'Fiends' & Fan(g)s!

During the course of my evening as Em Ceess (Mistress of Ceremonies) for "Voyages Extraordinaires", a steampunk extravaganza, featuring live music, vendors, food, libations and art, with headliners Abney Park, at Queen Bee's Art & Cultural Center in San Diego, on Saturday, February 12th, 2011, videographer Marc Balanky from KNSD Sound Diego, the NBC Television affiliate station's blog, conducted a short interview with La Moi about my views on the Steampunk Phenomenon.

The music in this video is by San Diego-based band Tragic Tantrum, featuring the beautiful Zoe Tantrum, a prolific musical artiste and creative powerhouse.

Other acts shown in the video include Shovelman, a mysterious, itinerant spinner of yarns and instrumentalist of rusty, electronically-modified farm impliments; San Diego's Steam Powered Giraffe, musical comedy robotic mime troupe, as well as Elective Surgery, San Diego-based performers who present monthly shadowcasts of "REPO: The Genetic Opera".

Steampunk culture is gaining more and more attention from the media, and is capturing the imaginations of ever greater numbers of followers. I think H.G. Wells & Jules Verne would be astonished at what their imaginations have wrought!

Steampunk, Veronique Chevalier

2011 Steamy Accordion Babes Calendars + included CD's on sale NOW!

Bonjour chere Fan(g)s & 'Fiends!'

Due to a snafu, Veronique's stock of 2011 Accordion Babes calendars only arrived recently. For vous not familiar, lovely Renee de la Prade, an accordionist based in the Bay Area, as well as a babe in her own right, produces this beautiful project annually.

This is the third year she's done so, and the second year that MADemoiselle Veronique Chevalier has been a proud sponsor & supporter of the project. For two years now, a tiny likeness "Hell-ga The Devil's Beer Maid" Official Spooks-model for "Polka Haunt Us: A Spook-tacular Compilation" has occupied spots from August through November on the calendars!

Available NOW, unopened, undespoiled copies of said calendar & recording for sale for the low price of only $15 + $3 postage. That's ONLY $18 for a year's worth of gorgeous pin ups, and a full-length CD, neither of which will ever grow stale! (Email me privately to order your copy TODAY)

The current offering includes arousing depictions of the following lady accordionists (and their loveliest assests ;-), as well as a rousing recording containing a song from each of their music projects:

Eyerish Heather Collins, Portland, OR
Musical Project: Eyerish

Amber Lee Baker, Santa Rosa, CA, USA
Musical Project: Amber Lee and the Anomalies

Marla Fibish, San Francisco/Oakland
Musical Project: Three Mile Stone

Luz Gaxiola, San Francisco, CA
Performs with: Circus Finelli

Renée de la Prade, San Francisco, CA
Musical Projects: Culann's Hounds, Whiskey and Women

Joan Wilson Rueter, Alameda, CA
Musical Projects: The Barbary Ghosts, Whiskey and Women

Maggie "Mags" Martin, Petaluma, CA
Musical Project: The Mad Maggies

Jetty, Paris, France and San Francisco CA
Musical Project: Yeti

Tara Linda, Oakland, CA & San Antonio, TX
Self-named musical project

Emchy, Oakland, CA
Musical Projects: Rhubarb Whiskey, Vagabondage & more!

Skyler Fell & Ariel McGurty, San Francisco CA
Musical Projects:Tumbleweed Time Machine & The Hobo Gobbelins
NOTE: Skyler is also proprietress of "Accordion Apocolypse Repairs"

Mrs. Hobbs, Los Angeles, CA
Musical Projects: Mrs. Hobbs, & Kitchen Soup

Cover Babe
Roxanne Oliva, Sonoma County, CA
Musical Project: Sweet Penny Royals

* * * ORDER your copy today! Don't let another day slip away without adding these Goddesses Of Squeeze to your world! Please show moi that vous think that I chose well by sponsoring this beautiful project, and to ensure that I can continue to help the Babes do what they do best! :-)

Polka Haunt Us Is A Proud Sponsor Of Accordion Babes!

Here is the Accordion Babes Sponsor Page:

Steampunk, Veronique Chevalier

* Veronique Booked for The Intl. Steampunk City, May 6-8, in Waltham, Mass.

Veronique jubilantly reports that she has been booked to perform at The International Steampunk City:

*Dates & Times: 06 May at 10:00 - 08 May at 20:00
*Location: Throughout all of Waltham, Massachusetts


Please send an email to thank Monsieur Jeff now!

Never before in the history of the Steampunk movement has an ENTIRE TOWN opened its gates to you, the Steampunk community.

Moreover, this event features over a thousand hours of events, activities, shows, entertainments, interactions, exhibits, games, and other fun--much of it wholly free! And there's more, for this event benefits a good cause--the nonprofit Charles River Museum.

What's going on here?

Allow us to introduce to you (if you're not fortunate enough to live there, or to already know of it) the lovely, friendly, and historic town of Waltham, MA, one of the birthplaces of the Industrial Revolution. Waltham is, in turn, home to the Charles River Museum of Industry, one of only two museums in the world (and the only one in the United States) to have put on a Steampunk exhibit.

This past March, the Charles River overflowed its banks and flooded the Museum--doing an enormous amount of damage. Rather than give in to the flood and close up, the Museum decided to fight back...with a grand celebration! It has teamed up with Jeff Mach (co-founder of the Steampunk World's Fair, creator of the Wicked Faire, The Steampunk Anachronism NYC, and others) - to build a fundraising saga of Teslaic proportions. They, in turn, have teamed up with the Town of Waltham to bring you a completely unprecedented Steampunk experience.

Never before has an event allowed you to enjoy Steampunk (and related) fun on this grand a scale! Whether you chose to purchase tickets for the Museum and various special events, or simply wander through the town, enjoying the many free or suggested-donation events--you are sure to have a unique and incredible time!

Meet like-minded souls! Take in Steampunk film at the cinema, dine with other Steampunks in their many restaurants, see the world-famous Steampunk exhibit, enjoy art from international artists! And that is merely the veriest tip of the iceburg!

Follow this space, and our upcoming websites, for frequent updates of details, new delectations, and new adventures. And spread the word! Spread the word! We invite you! We need you! And we will show you the time of your lives! Come out! Come out! Come out!


(Would you like to participate? While the website will have assorted contact information shortly., you can temporarily contact for vending, sponsorship, performing, exhibiting, volunteering, and other information.)

Steampunk, Veronique Chevalier

Geek Girls Rule! Reviews "Sepiachord Passport Compilation" & Commends Veronique's Song!


Posted by geekgirlsrule on September 3, 2010

I need to start off this review by stating that I’ve known Mr. Bodewell, the curator of Sepiachord for a very long time.  He is a good friend. I also know members of several of the bands on this compilation.  But, as I’ve said before, if something doesn’t work, I’ll be honest about it.

A Sepiachord Passport compilation CD.

Now, I’m not a huge Steampunk fan.  I enjoy the esthetic on others, but it’s not a style I favor for myself.  However, much of the music on this CD touches the part of me that winds up humming, “Mein Herr” from Cabaret for months on end every time I see it.

The tagline for the Sepiachord site is “Music for a Past that Never was.”  Many of the songs on this compilation (and the other Sepiachord CD) have strong vaudevillian and cabaret influences.  Jangly pianos and accordions feature strongly, as does the occasional theremin.  Everything on this CD is more than listenable, but there are a few standouts.

“The Dance Master” by Veronique Chevalier is hands down the best song on this CD. It tells the story of an evil Dance Master who seduces girls into a life of prostitution.  She has a throaty voice, with a French accent.  The first time I heard the song, I texted Mr. Bodewell immediately to tell him how incredible I thought it was.

“Hollowland” by Blackbird Orchestra is also a great song, but it doesn’t fit.  The others songs feature jangly vaudeville-sounding instruments, and Blackbird Orchestra has a very lush, full sound.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the song!  It reminds me a bit of Sisters of Mercy with some elements of the Killers thrown in.  It’s fantastic, but I just don’t think it really fits.

My other favorites on this compiliation are Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys‘ “Off With Her Head,” and Miss Mamie Lavona the Exotic Mulatta and Her White Boy Band doing “Thief Song.”

“Rotten Zurich Cafe” by Black Tape for a Blue Girl is probably the weakest song on the CD.  It’s ok, but not quite as good as the rest. I think her Tallulah Bankhead impersonation was just a bit much for me.   And at first listen I didn’t think I’d like the Tiger Lillies song, “Roll Up,” but his voice grew on me after a couple of listenings, and I quickly grew quite fond of it. I’m also pretty fond of Sxip Shirey’s “Mehenatta.”

The majority of songs on this album tell stories, good ones, interesting stories, and with the exception of “Hollowland” they all fit together very well.  They’re incredibly evocative, and I could probably give you a paragraph or more about each if pressed, but I’d like to go finish getting ready for PAX now.

You can buy the Sepiachord Passport on the site (or you will be able to soon), or if you happen to meet Mr. Bodewell while out and about.</p>

ETA:  You can buy the Passport now on Projekt’s website.


Steampunk, Veronique Chevalier

Veronique Photos From LA County Museum of Art's "Muse 'til Midnight" Event

On August 21, Muse hosted its annual summer event, Muse ‘til Los Angeles—The Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s (LACMA) Muse program presented its fourteenth annual Muse ‘til Midnight on Saturday, August 21, 2010, from 8:15 pm — 12 am.

Muse ‘til Midnight featured live music, drinks, and food that celebrates the exhibitions currently on display at LACMA.

This year’s theme is derived from Manly Pursuits: The Sporting Images of Thomas Eakins and will featured an atmosphere to match Eakins’ late nineteenth-century paintings. Live music, video projections, vaudeville performers, and steampunk-inspired crafts enhanced the scene to create a truly unique and spectacular environment.  Presented in two acts, the first half of the night welcomed guests to “The Eakins Arena” in the Los Angeles Times Central Courtyard and featured exclusive after-hours access to Manly Pursuits and Catherine Opie: Figure and Landscape, plus a live performance by Dusty Rhodes and the River Band, a circus of vaudeville activities, and Opie-inspired photo stations.

For the second half of the evening, the action switched to the penthouse of LACMA West, where Steampunk props, recently featured in the annual Labyrinth of Jareth Masquarade, were on display. There were also elaborately-garbed stiltwalkers, and live music by Unextraordinary Genlemen, replete with Victorian (un)garbed burlesque dancers!

Steampunk, Veronique Chevalier

Please Vote for Veronique ONCE a Day, EVERY day @

Dear 'Fiends' ? Fan(g)s!

Please pardon my latest bombardment of verbiage in your direction, but my new animated video "Internet Date" has been accepted in Ford's "Gimme The Gig" contest- Grand Prize is a recording session with Monsieur Don Was.

The list of artists Don is credited with producing includes: Bob Seger, Glenn Frey, Iggy Pop, Khaled, The B-52's, Barenaked Ladies and several albums for Bonnie Raitt. A grrl could do a lot worse than win a chance to record with him, non?

I have mixed feelings about being in a contest sponsored by a large corporation, but, hey, they're people too, right? Please vote "V" for VICTORY for Veronique, who is Very Unique.

I am but a solo artiste, with no band mates to help moi promote, so I truly depend upon the kindness of others- VOUS!!! If vous appreciate my work, and would like to assist in a tangible way, to ensure that I can continue to create for vous, please vote in this contest!

1) Go to:
2) Scroll down to: Video Gallery
3) Click on the letter "V"
4) Choose "Internet Date"
5) Click "LIKE"
6) Vote once every 24 hours - EVERY day
7) Invite everyone vous know to vote ONCE a day, every DAY (24 hour period).

Artistes with the most popular votes will perform at regional events, ? the ones with the best audience response at the regionals, will advance to the final performance round to win the recording session.

But even if I am not chosen, the exposure from being in the contest is worth more than its weight in PR. So please vote:

Your votes = FREE publicity for my music = WIN for everyone!

Merci beaucoup! Vous are awesome!

Steampunk, Veronique Chevalier

Production Stills from Veronique's First Animated Music Video "Internet Date"

Here are a few stills from my new original animated music video "Internet Date" that will be posted on YouTube, at 12:01 am, July 19th! Art & Direction by: Kyle A. Carrozza; Animated by: John Berry; Sound Design by: Jann Castor

Opening Credits- Spoof of my portrait by Justice Howard

Still # 1- Me with The Man In The Moon

Still # 2- Checking "HIM" out on Google

Still # 3- Uh oh!

Still # 4- Unwinding after all my misadventures

Still # 5- Oui! That is The Coin Operated Boy!

 All Images © Veronique Chevalier 2010.